Fear and Loathing in Elstree

Ever since the days of Nasty Nick, Big Brother has always had its “panto” villains and how we love to boo them. The programme thrives on face to face conflict. However BB’s producers have always stepped in and swiftly removed from the show any participant who oversteps the mark by demonstrating genuine hostility or expressing anything resembling real malice towards their fellow housemates. This has not been the case in Celebrity Big Brother 2015.

Never mind about so-called “fake evictions”, American contestants Farrah Abraham and Jenna Jameson (together they are “Jarrah”) should have been permanently removed from Big Brother days ago. The pair have repeatedly demonstrated vile, aggressive behaviour and launched vicious attack after attack on certain fellow housemates. Their tour de force of bile, venom and hostility is without precedent on British reality television. The duo appear to be utterly consumed with hatred and loathing for everyone and everything around them and they have continually reduced some inhabitants of the house to tears.

This astonishing blitzkrieg of bullying behaviour may be great for ratings at Channel 5 but at what point do we take responsibility and realise that the behaviour of Jenna and Farrah will be copied and mimicked by impressionable teenagers all over the UK. Kids who believe that if they themselves exhibit this kind of contempt and malevolence they will somehow become celebrities and get on TV.

Jarrah clearly have a collective mental age of about 12 but this lack of intellect and maturity is no excuse for the way they have shamed and embarrassed their fellow Americans during this series. If these two grown women don’t have the good judgement or intelligence to know when to ease off, then a responsible adult needs to step in. That responsible adult is clearly not Big Brother so it should be Ofcom. Let’s also bear in mind that if they exhibited that level of hatred and hostility in a public place they would likely be arrested and put in a cell.