Paul Winston McCartney? Why have the press not picked up on that Peter Kay howler?

paul-mccartneyBrian Luff writes…

I think we all agree that the Diamond Jubilee concert from Buckingham Palace was something of a triumph for all involved. However, something is still puzzling me about it.

36 hours after Peter Kay introduced Sir Paul McCartney to 4 billion television viewers as Paul “Winston” McCartney, there still seems to have been virtually no press coverage of this awkward and baffling moment. One of the UK’s best loved entertainers, introducing the most famous musician on the planet to the Queen, and to the biggest live television audience in recent history, using the wrong name. Discuss.

Was it a joke? If it was it certainly didn’t get a laugh. Was it a genuine mistake? If that were the case it would show Peter Kay in a pretty poor light and demonstrate a level of ignorance, carelessness and unprofessionalism that it will be pretty hard for him to live down for the rest of his career. More crucially, it shows scant respect for one of the all-time legends of music, and a Knight of the Realm to boot, to introduce him using the middle name of his deceased and much loved writing partner.

But it’s the apparent conspiracy of silence surrounding the error that is the most puzzling. McCartney didn’t refer to it during the show. Neither did the commentators. None of the popular press appear to have picked up on it, and only a handful of blogs and Tweets appear when you Google it. Is Peter Kay so untouchable, because of all his good work for charity, that he is actually going to get away with it without so much as an apology? It would appear so.

Perhaps it was merely an in-joke between Kay and McCartney, to see if anyone would notice. The Queen certainly didn’t notice, but then by that time of the evening she probably just wanted to go to bed with a nice cup of cocoa.

Long live Peter Kay. Hip, hip, hooray!

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