Mae Martin: Us – Edinburgh Review

City Café. 21:15.

“Expecting a person to decide on their sexuality in their early teens is like asking a child to decide what kind of music they think they’re going to like when they’re thirty years old.” Just one example of the refreshing and thought provoking philosophy of Mae Martin.

Mae is a confident Canadian comic with so much enthusiasm and energy it’s hard not to like her. She bounds onto the stage like a slightly startled young deer, and proceeds to share the most intimate of secrets about her life, her friends and her family, including a quite remarkable story about her father’s penis.

Mae won the audience over in the first 3 seconds and held them in the palm of her hand for 45 minutes. That’s because she had a very strong 45 minute set. The problem was that her show was over an hour long.

As the temperature in the venue rose, and the crowd began to shift uncomfortably in their sweaty seats and fan themselves, Mae failed to notice that she was slowly losing the audience. A more experienced comic would probably have quit while they were still on top, but Mae stayed doggedly on stage and dug in her heels.

A lady in front of me started knitting. Three or four people snuck out at the back. I don’t think I have ever seen a better example of a comedian winning an audience and then losing them again because they’ve outstayed their welcome. For the first 45 minutes, 5 stars. For the final 15 minutes, sorry Mae but no stars at all.