Stupid is the new stupid

On The X Factor, Rita Ora once asked someone if Newcastle was in Britain. This is probably because the only book she has ever read is Facebook.

It’s not cool to be stupid. It’ll never be cool to be stupid. But it seems that an increasing number of young people now think it is.

They’ve grown up watching shows that portray stupid people as heroes.  Jerry Springer, Jersey Shore, Ex On The Beach, TOWIE, Sponge Bob Squarepants. Stupid TV warps our minds as surely as watching pornography and violence. Have you seen Big Brother recently?

Regardless of how the entertainment industry got so stupid, one thing’s for sure: The entertainment industry is going to stay stupid. So it’s up to smart people to get the message out to stupid people everywhere; celebrities may make it look cool to be stupid, but this is nothing but a misleading and dangerous illusion. Because it’s stupid to be stupid and there’s a very practical reason why. The world is a tough place to live and it’s cruel and unforgiving. You get one shot to build a successful life and it only takes one stupid mistake to screw everything up.

But wait, I hear you say, Joey Essex is rich and famous and he’s as stupid as a twig. He is the King of Stupid. OK, that may be so but here’s the thing: The quality of your life depends on how well you understand the world and how cleverly you solve the problems that attack you every day. The only thing you have to solve those problems is your brain.

You are one of the millions and millions of people who are not Joey Essex and stupidity will make your life suck. The dumber you are the less you’ll be able to cope with life and the more you’ll fail. Stupid is vulnerable. Stupid is disadvantaged. Stupid is totally fucked. Whatever benefit there is to looking cool by being stupid, it’s far outweighed by the fact that it’s likely to ruin the rest of your life. Being stupid is tragic. Don’t be stupid, and don’t let your friends be stupid.

Thanks to Rita Ora and The Wise Sloth, who were jointly the inspiration for this piece. Read the original article here: